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Red Flag / Identity Theft Policy

Red Flag / Identity Theft Policy & Procedure

Get a fully-featured, completely customizable Red Flag compliance package for just $399.

Package includes base documents easily tailored to your company:

  • Red Flag Policy and Procedure
  • Required Customer Information Program (CIP)
  • Risk Assessment Tool
  • Red Flag Reporting Tools
  • Red Flag Training Guide

Unless you are a bank, you haven't got much time to get compliant. We've got you covered with the policy and procedures -- and a reporting package -- ready to go for just $399.

Our Red Flag/Identity Theft policy is ready now. The RF/IT policy covers all the bases (including reports), yet leaves room for your customization -- which we'll even do for you. We'll provide a custom-tailored RF/ID policy and procedure, just for your company, and we'll do it in a hurry, usually within five business days.

$399 Package includes free customization session with our compliance experts.
Call or email and we'll send you an electronic version of the Red Flag Compliance Kit. Examine it and see what you think. Our compliance specialist will call to answer your questions and assist you to customize your compliance documents.

Return the policy for a full refund if you're not satisfied.

How it works:

Call or email us your request. We'll send you the draft policy and risk assessments. Then, we'll set up a telephone interview with you to gather your existing account and control procedures that will be incorporated into the draft -- we have a checklist to help make sure we get everything we need. (If we see any holes in your system, we'll say so, but otherwise, we'll incorporate your procedures into our draft.)

Next, within 72 hours of the interview, we'll email you the completed draft policy for you to review. After you review and respond with your changes, we'll finalize the document and have it ready for your approval within 48 hours.

Not only is the process fast, it's affordable.

Yes, we really will prepare the Red Flag Identity Theft Policy tailored to your business for $399. And, we'll provide a no-risk guarantee to go with it. How does that work? Very simple: if you aren't satisfied with the policy, you owe nothing.
Why are we doing this? This is a good way for us to introduce our compliance management services, and to get some face time with you and your operations team. All things considered, it should be a win-win for both of us.

What's included in the package?

Everything you need to get started. First, there (1) Red Flag Policy and Procedure. You also get (2) a Risk Assessment for each Customer Interaction, (3) a Red Flag Incident Report and finally (4) an Identity Theft Customer Report they can use to report problems to you and to the credit bureaus. Plus, we provide a complete package of "web research" you can use to educate your self and your company on the "ins and outs" of Red Flag and Identity Theft.

Contact us to get started.

Talk to us!

Compliance problems? Need to know what you don't know? Give us a call. It's that simple.



P.O. Box 1450 | Asheville, NC | 28802 | 828.252.4036
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