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About Us

Get informed, professional business expertise for special projects. Projects are completed quickly and confidentially. Fees and references are available upon request.

Employee Evaluations and Staffing Reviews

How well are your customers treated? Do you have employees who simply aren't up to the level it takes to give customers the attention they crave? We can provide objective and reasonable evaluations of single employees and of branch offices up to entire departments.

Management and Directors Education Programs and Presentations

We can prepare and facilitate meetings with sensitive agendas. We're a smart choice when you have critical information that is best conveyed by well-informed, objective presenters. We can also assist by providing complete meeting venue services, including electronic visual aids and food menus.

Budget Preparation

How much does it take to get traction in the market? What is the expected return on investment? Where should the budget be spent? What should be left in and what should be left out? We have three decades of experience in preparing effective, successful zero-based budgets.

Troubleshooting Departmental or Divisional Performance

Managers are often too close to the forest to see the trees. If your company appears to have "people issues" that are holding up progress, let us take a look. We can usually spot the problem quickly - whether it's people or process - and provide you with a thorough, written analysis of the problem and a likely solution.

Merger and Acquisition Market Evaluation and Analysis of Potential Candidates

If you have questions about the market merger that your partner is bringing to the table, we can help. We provide a dozen market analyses, some standard and some proprietary, to help you understand how real your partner's market is. Our market analysis is quick and confidential and can be delivered without making waves.

Geographic Site Selection and Business Location Evaluation

Where you locate can make a big difference. There are many issues, including traffic patterns, drive times and demographics, which figure in your success. We can provide useful, profitable insights into the probable success of potential locations. We can also help you understand whether a "sales problem" is really a geographic problem or, perhaps, a "who's-running-the-store" problem.

Customer Retention Programs

It's very important to keep valuable customers. We can provide powerful help. We design and administer programs that ensure that your customers know you appreciate their business. All of our programs are personalized. Some of them can be "automated."

Public Relations Services

There's more to PR than meets the eye. It's far more than getting free articles in the press about your company's promotions and events. Although those things are important, it is more important to develop a PR-mentality by cultivating media relationships and making your company worth press attention. We design programs that monitor the media to see how your company can fit into the media "calendar."

Apple Advertising and MAPS have helped many clients successfully undertake special projects that include keeping a merger under wraps to control the message, reorganizing a mortgage loan department for increased production, or launching a bank into new terrain. These are just a few examples of how our experience and expertise have made the difference to our clients.

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