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Direct Mail Programs

We know what kind of direct mail works with key customer segments, and we won't waste your time and money mailing refrigerator magnets to electrical engineers. Apple can help you get valuable mailing lists, keep them current, and merge them with your customer data. We'll design, administer, and manage programs. We'll get the job done on time and in budget.

For many clients, direct mail is the most cost-effective way to build awareness and increase business. We have specialized expertise to make direct mail affordable and profitable. For smaller, niche-level mailings, we can offer in-house production and 48 hour turn-around. We develop and acquire the list, design and produce the mailing, and supervise the postage and mailing process.

Direct Mail Success 101
Most people don't understand direct mail. They have a head full of wrong information. Let's set the record straight:

  • American companies spend more than $100 billion on direct mail every year. That includes people like Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Fidelity Investments, Target and TJ Maxx. Somehow, it seems to us these companies wouldn't keep doing direct mail if it didn't work.
  • Direct mail, like other forms of advertising, must be done repeatedly. It is very unlikely (but not impossible) for a single mailing to produce a satisfactory result. Direct mail success requires a series of mailings, over time and to different market segments.
  • Direct mail requires a good list that has been properly prepared. Lots of direct mail failure happens because companies assumed there's no difference in mailing lists, or (more likely) they bought the cheapest list they could find.
  • Direct mail requires a really good offer. It's amazing how many people, who pride themselves on their ability to be a "super shopper," create direct mail with a ho-hum proposition. Our personal favorite: "5% off selected merchandise this week-end only!" Wow! Such a deal!
  • Direct mail offers unmatched flexibility. You can mail anyone your message, at any time, using a variety of formats. It's easy to tailor a program to your audience and your budget.
  • Direct mail is precise. You may precisely target the segment you choose (and only that segment) precisely so that you may speak to that audience one-to-one.
  • Direct mail is measurable. When it comes to gauging results, there's no guesswork with direct mail. By tracking and analyzing your mailings, you'll know the response rate.
  • Direct mail is selective. You can reach your customers with minimal spill-over to your competitors. (Note: In banking, this is less possible since banks share customers to a large degree.)
  • Direct mail permits your customer to concentrate on your message without distraction.

What Apple can do to make your program a success:

  • We know what kind of direct mail works with key customer segments. We won't waste your time and money mailing refrigerator magnets to electrical engineers.
  • We know how to get great mailing lists. And we know how to merge them with your customer data. We know how to manage your lists to keep them current.
  • We know how to design, administer and manage programs and get the job done on time and in budget.
  • We provide great fulfillment services. We don't expect you to use your company resources to warehouse and administer the program - unless of course, that's what you want.

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