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Public Relations

Media Coverage

Apple PR has secured many media placements for its clients. When your company gets positive press, that is priceless yet cost-free publicity.

News Releases

A straightforward news release, when made available to the right reporter, can generate valuable exposure for your company.

Media Kits

An up-to-date media kit is necessary for any organization. Designed to be seen by reporters and editors, your kit should include:

  • Brief and concise fact sheets on your company's history
  • Products and services, as well as biographies and photos of key management and other personnel
  • Media contact information
  • Other materials such as a company brochure
  • Examples of positive media coverage

Your media kit can be customized to suit any event, whether as a "leave-behind" when you meet with reporters, or as a handout for reporters at company-sponsored events.

Bylined Articles

Certain types of media welcome written submissions. Apple PR works with companies to develop and place articles in publications and on websites important to the overall communications strategy.

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